The best DIY home security systems to buy this year
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We purchased a SimpliSafe system in early 2019. Based on CNET's reviews I had high expectations and really wanted to like it. When it worked it was good, but 2 issues led us to return the system. First, we were never able to get a camera to connect to our Linksys router. Tried 3 different cameras and hours of trouble shooting with no success. Could have lived without the camera but it was irritating that we couldn't make it work. Second, and more importantly, we went through 3 keypads and each one worked for awhile. Then we started getting out of range error messages, even when the keypad sat right next to the base station. Each time that happened it wiped out all of the sensors connected to the system. Ultimately SS allowed us to return the system even though we were outside the official return window. Not sure what to try next. Thinking maybe Abode?

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